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For 2018 on site sales, the nursery will be open on April 5th - September 29th 2018.

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Whatever the weather, you can enjoy a visit to our online shop where you can browse at your leisure for 5 minutes or 5 hours! Our powerful search facility will help you find what you want but if you do require additional help or information, we're only an email away.

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Download the Catalogue
The catalogue is now available to download and contains a listing of all the plants which we are proposing to offer for sale over the coming year. 

Welcome to our 2016 list hope we can tempt you with plenty of our old favourites as well as some exciting new plants that we have searched out on our travels.

There has been little chance of us standing still with what has been going on here in 2015. The year started well with the birth of our sixth grandchild. January into February had Sue and I in Colombia for our first winter/early spring expedition. It was exhilarating, we were able to travel much further afield than we had previously, as the mountainous areas become safer to travel. We are looking forward to working ever closer with the Colombian institutes, such as the Medellin Botanic Gardens whom we met up with. Consequently we were absent from the RHS February Show at Vincent Square. We are finding it increasingly expensive participating in the London shows, while re-branding the RHS February Show as a potato event hardly encourages our type of customer base to visit. A long standing speaking engagement and a last minute change of date, meant that we missed going to Fota near Cork last spring, no such problem this coming year. We were pleasantly surprised at the level of interest at the Tregrehan Garden Rare Plant Fair, in Cornwall. Hopefully this will become an annual event for us, as well as the Cornwall Garden Society show in April.
Poor Sue went through the wars having to have a rush hysterectomy in June, after some timely results revealed future risks. This naturally took the wind out of her sails, forcing her to take it easy for quite some time. At least my housekeeping skills have been honed as a result. Pleased to announce that she is fighting fit six months on. It seemed a good time to present her with a replacement puppy, to replace Lahlu who finally gave up her fight not long after our return from Colombia. By contrast Ming-Mah is jet black and very lively.

Moving fast forward to the autumn, the Murabilia Show in Lucca Italy is a real highlight. Where we are meeting more and more contacts who want our plants in their gardens. We had a fabulously successful autumn collecting trip, which took us to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Conforming with CBD we contacted the Chinese authorities for permission to collect in Hong Kong. While in Taiwan we worked the entire time there on joint collections with the Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung. This was very rewarding all round as we were able to help them every bit as much as they helped us. Hopefully we can publish the new Sarcococca from there soon, as we will be offering it. Japan despite only having time for a brief visit, was equally productive. As we were running out of so many seed grown collections, but also finding hitherto elusive and shy-fruiting ones too. Luckily it was a good year for seed.

Please note our OPENING HOURS reflecting the need to open our gates earlier in the day for visitors staying locally. As always all the details of our opening hours are on the left hand panel of this site. For those of our customers who are unable to visit the nursery we are offering an online shopping experience, with deliveries throughout the UK and EU, from . Where there are search facilities by many criteria (i.e. colour), as well as by plant name, while indicating availability, pot sizes and prices. Our new carrier, DelSol (APC) offer an overnight fragile service, which should have your plants delivered in fresh condition before 5.30pm the following day to dispatch (UK). Unfortunately since the demise of City Link none of the national carriers will accept anything over 1.2m tall, unless on a pallet then it is still only 2m. Our carriage charges are by the box, (volume not weight) hence please consider ordering enough plants to fill a box, rather than one plant as the carriage charge would be the same. There is no minimum charge for the plants purchased. For additional queries on plant availability etc contact Sue at . We try our best to reply to any queries, a brief e-mail can be the surest way of a prompt reply. For any other information click onto the appropriate tabs on this page, where there is additional information on our events, accommodation and some seasonal plantings.

Collector’s References

These combination of initials and numbers are accession numbers that are assigned to collections we and others gather from wild populations from all over the world. These are assigned to each collection as they are made to enable interested parties to track their origins.

B&L       C.D. Brickell & A.C. Leslie
BSWJ     Bleddyn & Sue Wynn-Jones
BWJ       Bleddyn Wynn-Jones
CWJ       Finlay Colley & Bleddyn Wynn-Jones
DJH       Daniel J. Hinkley (followed by country and year code)
EDHCH   Eric Hammond China 1997
FMWJ    A. Floden, T. Mitchell & B. Wynn-Jones, Vietnam 2011
GWJ      Sally Goddard, B. & S. Wynn-Jones
GUIZ      Guizhou Expedition (1985)
HWJ       Crûg-Heronswood Joint Expeditions, Vietnam
HWJCM  Crûg-Heronswood Joint Expedition, E. Nepal 1995
HWJK     Crûg-Heronswood Joint Expedition, E. Nepal 2002
KR          Keith Rushforth
KWJ       Crûg-World of Ferns Joint Expedition Vietnam 2007
MF          Maurice Foster
PBR       Pascal Bruggeman
RH          M. Rickard & R. Hayward
RWJ       Crûg-Rickard’s Ferns Joint Expedition to Taiwan 2003
SEP        Swedish Expedition to Pakistan
WJC       Crûg-Rare Plants Ireland Joint Expedition Sikkim 2013
WWJ       Peter Wharton & Bleddyn Wynn-Jones, Vietnam 2006-7
Yu          Tse-tsun Yu



aff.   affinity to (bearing a similarity to)
cf.  compare to
etc  additional collections available
f.   forma
sp.   species
ssp.   subspecies
×   hybrid
v. variety


New 2016 Introductions

Click here for the details of our new introductions.

Click here to view our comprehensive A-Z plant list.

The catalogue

We can but apologise for the lack of our 2017 plant list (for those interested there is an explanation under our New Introduction tab) but look forward to making up for lost time in 2018.

In the meantime why not have a look at our 2016 plant list available to download as a pdf file. It is packed with new temptations, which we trust will entice you to grow even more of our treasures. It takes a few minuets to load.




Please click here to download our latest catalogue (pdf).

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