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2017 Articles

THE PLANT FINDERS Country Living - August 2017


People come from all over the world to see Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones’s latest finds. Those who can’t make the journey to the hills of north Wales to rootle through their exotically crammed polytunnels can pore over their equally intriguing online catalogue.

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The Telegraph - Gardening, Sunday March 22nd, 2014

Weird and wonderful exotic plants to grow in your garden

'Crûg Farm nursery in north Wales has become a byword for exotic plants, but which will thrive in British conditions? Owners Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones share 12 of their favourites'

Stephen Lacey

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2013 Articles

The Telegraph - Gardening, May 23th, 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013: Bunny Guinness picks her highlights

'Crug Farm Plants had lots of tempting unusual plants, and the Holboellia brachyandra, a white flowering, evergreen hardy climber, is next on my hit list. A small gunnera, Gunnera killipiana, just a metre high, with strident flowers and red veins, will be a runaway success too – I must get over to Gwynedd with an empty car boot.'

Bunny Guinness

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The Guardian - Gardening, June 17th, 2012

Crûg Farm's buried treasure

'I have needed to visit Crûg Farm Plants for quite some time. I wonder if, subconsciously, I have left it this long because I knew it would be a challenge: I am a self-confessed plantaholic, and leaving a nursery of this stature empty-handed is a simple impossibility.'

Dan Pearson

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2012 Articles

The Observer Magazine - Gardens, Sunday June 17th, 2012

‘I consider myself a good plantsman, but it is fair to say that every second plant at the nursery is new to me. The collection includes many plants that have never been tried in cultivation in this country. As a young gardener of 19, while I was working at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, I began to read the plant-hunting books of the great collectors and to see the plants through the eyes of the men who found them. The tales and adventures the collectors went through to find, for instance, a gorge of Lillium regale, and the descriptions so vividly penned by the likes of Ernest Wilson, Frank Kingdon-Ward and Reginald Farrer, brought the plants to life. I dreamed of such expeditions and have made a few in my time, but Sue and Bleddyn are our modern-day equivalent.’

Dan Pearson

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The English Garden - June, 2012

'Several books need to be written to justly celebrate the Wynn-Joneses and their discoveries. Thankfully their garden, attached to the nursery, is a living catalogue - one from which, for modest sums of money considering provenance and scarcity, you can depart with some of the temperate world's most fabulously interesting and uncommon plants'

David Wheeler

2008 Articles

The Daily Telegraph - Gardening, Sunday October 4th, 2008

"Crûg Farm's cornucopia of exotic plants will make the pulse of any plantsman race"
Rae Spencer-Jones

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Nice fruit if you can get it

The Garden - October 2008

When a new collection of a familiar garden plant is brought into cultivation, it may have qualities that were previously underestimated, as Roy Lancaster discovers at Crûg Farm Plants in Wales.

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The plants we loved in 2008

Country Life - September 10th 2008
Gardeners and nurserymen recommend the most rewarding plants that were new to them this year.

Holboellia latifolia is known for it's ornamental evergreen foliage in 3-9 leaflets, like the spokes of an umbrella. These emerge purple to bronze, delicate as tissue paper, ageing to a parchement-like texture. The highlight comes in early spring when the clusters of flowers unfold, performing for 6-8 weeks before the sausage-shaped fruit takes over.
Having grown the original species (from seed of hardier forms we collected in the Himalayas), we have now selected the best seed parent by the size and colour of flowers.
H.latifolia will fill a space of 12ft with a dense cover of evergreen foliage, wafting its scent into the spring air. Clematis napaulensis is a good companion for it on s south facing wall, flowering from December to March. 

Plant hunting is still valid

The Garden - September 2008

We are often asked why we goto such lengths to collect in the wild.It is simple really. We are just curious:curious as to what wonders of diversitynature has created. We are alsoanxious: anxious to see it before maninevitably destroys it.

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Three new Crûg Farm introductions

The Plantsman - March 2008

A new Lilium species with a curious dispersal mechanism, a new Ypsilandra variety and a new Cardiandra hybrid are described by JULIAN SHAW.

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Planthunters Bleddyn & Sue Wynn-Jones

Gardens Illustrated - February 2008

The Wynn-Jones’ are true planthunting professionals. Their nursery, Crûg Farm Plants Nursery in North Wales, is beloved by amateurs and professionals because of the staggering list of wonderful plants they have introduced into cultivation. The couple started the nursery more than 20 years ago and have been planthunting at least once a year since the early 1990s, visiting the Far East, Middle East, South America and, in particular, Asia. “It has become a way of life for us,” Sue says.

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